27-juli-Oude-Dijkenroute-a.jpg (45182 bytes) 27-juli-Oude-Dijkenroute-2.jpg (25118 bytes) 27-juli-Oude-Dijkenroute-3.jpg (47467 bytes) 27-juli-Oude-Dijkenroute-3a.jpg (38239 bytes)
27th July De Haan Pedal trouble! I really needed that!
27-juli-Oude-Dijkenroute-4.jpg (44459 bytes) 27-juli-Oude-Dijkenroute-6.jpg (45542 bytes) 28-juli-Breduiniaroute-2a.jpg (32377 bytes) 28-juli-Breduiniaroute-2b.jpg (39836 bytes)
That damned... ... shoe!! 28th July Around Bredene
28-juli-Breduiniaroute-3.jpg (31581 bytes) 28-juli-Breduiniaroute-4.jpg (46149 bytes) 29-juli-Leiestreekroute.jpg (42759 bytes) 29-juli-Leiestreekroute-2.jpg (47878 bytes)
My new friend Close-up... 29th July The ferry...
29-juli-Leiestreekroute-3.jpg (36197 bytes) 29-juli-Leiestreekroute-4.jpg (54134 bytes) 29-juli-Leiestreekroute-5.jpg (40008 bytes) 29-juli-Leiestreekroute-6.jpg (29885 bytes)
Ready to take us across All aboard!! Pretty scenery Almost there
29-juli-Leiestreekroute-7.jpg (22986 bytes) 29-juli-Leiestreekroute-8.jpg (49350 bytes) 30-juli-Ros-Beiaardroute-14.jpg (27136 bytes) 30-juli-Ros-Beiaardroute-a.jpg (32571 bytes)
Terminal And now ... back home! 30th July Around Dendermonde
30-juli-Ros-Beiaardroute-02.jpg (58014 bytes) 30-juli-Ros-Beiaardroute-03.jpg (60119 bytes) 30-juli-Ros-Beiaardroute-04.jpg (66887 bytes) 30-juli-Ros-Beiaardroute-06.jpg (61182 bytes)
Mini town... with... castle... and...
30-juli-Ros-Beiaardroute-05.jpg (52325 bytes) 30-juli-Ros-Beiaardroute-07.jpg (63236 bytes) 30-juli-Ros-Beiaardroute-08.jpg (29581 bytes) 30-juli-Ros-Beiaardroute-09.jpg (29131 bytes)
...important visitors! Mini mill The real church (Wieze) Ready to enter...
30-juli-Ros-Beiaardroute-10.jpg (44457 bytes) 30-juli-Ros-Beiaardroute-nu.jpg (30469 bytes) 30-juli-Ros-Beiaardroute-12.jpg (21399 bytes) 30-juli-Ros-Beiaardroute-11.jpg (20461 bytes)
...Buggenhout Bos What have we got there? The river Schelde and ... ... church of Baasrode
30-juli-Ros-Beiaardroute-13.jpg (33958 bytes) 30-juli-Ros-Beiaardroute-17.jpg (27448 bytes) 30-juli-Ros-Beiaardroute-18.jpg (28645 bytes) 30-juli-Ros-Beiaardroute-19.jpg (24462 bytes)
Almost back My mileometer My sister's (and ..we ride the same distance!) Team Mobile keyring
30-juli-Ros-Beiaardroute-20.jpg (35427 bytes) 31-juli-Nevellandroute.jpg (29432 bytes) 31-juli-Nevellandroute-2a.jpg (47402 bytes) 31-juli-Nevellandroute-3a.jpg (39350 bytes)
Back home 31st July Around Nevele Little Legs Street?
31-juli-Nevellandroute-4a.jpg (43371 bytes) 31-juli-Nevellandroute-5.jpg (65405 bytes) 31-juli-Nevellandroute-6.jpg (39088 bytes) 31-juli-Nevellandroute-7.jpg (47960 bytes)
I see!!! Hansbeke Church Oh oh!! Thirsty
31-juli-Nevellandroute-8a.jpg (58730 bytes) 31-juli-Nevellandroute-10.jpg (24818 bytes) 31-juli-Nevellandroute-11.jpg (23507 bytes) 2-augustus-a.jpg (30120 bytes)
Ready? Done! Yep! My sis always seems to ride more! 2nd August Famous Bogaert Sisters
2-augustus-2.jpg (22378 bytes) 4-augustus-Isegrimroute-1.jpg (32005 bytes) 4-augustus-Isegrim-route-1a.jpg (31325 bytes) 4-augustus-Isegrimroute-2.jpg (42275 bytes)
A short but hilly tour! 4th August Isegrimroute Near the Dutch border
4-augustus-Isegrimroute-3a.jpg (44348 bytes) 4-augustus-Isegrimroute-5.jpg (59066 bytes) 4-augustus-Isegrimroute-6.jpg (26297 bytes) 15-augustus-Canteclaerroute.jpg (47375 bytes)
Another friend of mine I want shade! Did a small detour! 15th August
15-augustus-2004-Canteclaer.jpg (19849 bytes) 15-augustus-Canteclaer-3.jpg (26587 bytes) 22-augustus-Molenbeekroute9.jpg (32304 bytes) 22-augustus-Molenbeekroute3.jpg (59024 bytes)
We did a bit more... and .. rode a bit quicker... 22nd August Molenbeekroute
22-augustus-Molenbeekroute.jpg (38255 bytes) 22-augustus-Molenbeekroute2.jpg (37330 bytes) 22-augustus-Molenbeekroute4.jpg (56810 bytes) 22-augustus-Molenbeekroute5.jpg (24459 bytes)
Hey! This is a lot steeper than it looks! Mirror mirror ... ... in the street... What have we got there?
22-augustus-Molenbeekroute6.jpg (25452 bytes) 22-augustus-Molenbeekroute7.jpg (56395 bytes) 22-augustus-Molenbeekroute8.jpg (32574 bytes) 29-augustus.jpg (63045 bytes)
They seem to have a lot of fun! No wonder we almost missed the sign! Aha! Here's the mill! 29th August

 All Directions Route

29-augustus-2a.jpg (27451 bytes) 29-augustus3a.jpg (42863 bytes) 29-augustus-4.jpg (28333 bytes) 29-augustus-5.jpg (23908 bytes)
The Ferry in Schellebelle Coming to get us! Mmmm, rode a good tour Good average
29-augustus-6.jpg (26824 bytes) 5 september Sentse krekenroute 1.jpg (40775 bytes) 5 september Sentse krekenroute 2.jpg (44941 bytes) 5 september Sentse krekenroute 3.jpg (25113 bytes)
So far I rode ... 5th September Saint Creek Route Just spotted the front door I want!
5 september Sentse krekenroute 4.jpg (50087 bytes) 5 september Sentse krekenroute 5.jpg (43111 bytes) 5 september Sentse krekenroute 6.jpg (26088 bytes) 5 september Sentse krekenroute 7.jpg (45514 bytes)
How sweet! Don't you agree? Bella posing for me! Coffee's ready!
5 september Sentse krekenroute 8.jpg (60256 bytes) 5 september Sentse krekenroute 9.jpg (54316 bytes) 5 september Sentse krekenroute 10.jpg (17108 bytes) 5 september Sentse krekenroute 12.jpg (37257 bytes)
Veggie Garden Cute! Reynard From the Reynard epic (13th century)
5 september Sentse krekenroute 12.jpg (37257 bytes) 5 september Sentse krekenroute 13.jpg (40221 bytes) 5 september Sentse krekenroute 14.jpg (33582 bytes) 5 september Sentse krekenroute 15.jpg (28497 bytes)
When the fox preacheth, then beware your geese! 1880 Preaching Reynard Cute mill
5 september Sentse krekenroute 16.jpg (18493 bytes) 5 september Sentse krekenroute 17.jpg (31350 bytes) 5 september Sentse krekenroute 18.jpg (27879 bytes) 5 september Sentse krekenroute 19.jpg (26854 bytes)
Same mill Sentse, meaning Saint Good average! And ... good ride!
7-september-fietstocht.jpg (21613 bytes) 7-september-fietstocht2.jpg (19381 bytes) 7-september-fietstocht3.jpg (35095 bytes) 7-september-fietstocht4.jpg (37189 bytes)
7th September Evening already Short route Nice average